For our 2018 ORIGAMI collection we bring together ancient Japanese traditions
of the UKIYO-E art movement and the best of today’s technology in sustainable fabrics.
UKIYO literally means “pictures of the floating world”.

This spirit of living in the moment detached from the worries and physical objects
in life reflects the perfect philosophy of our modern world surfers. 

With our hand drawn prints and dreamy color palettes we will take you to a
foreign world of unpathed waters and undreamed shores.
Here time stands still, laughter sparkles like a splash
of water and the Ocean’s tides and swells dictate the rhythm of your days. 

Let the buttersoft high-tech Italian fabric with SPF 50 protect you even
in the sunniest of days and let our glittery details make you feel even more unique!




At NAMIE we believe in a CONSCIOUS and SLOW creation process for all our surfsuits,
because -as surfers- we live constantly immersed in the ELEMENTS.

We owe so many unforgettable moments to the OCEAN,
that we always strive to protect NATURE’s beauty and magic.
That’s why we only use the highest-quality RECYCLED Lycra® from Italy.

Surfing for us is what Japanese call IKIGAI “a reason for being”, a reason
to get up
in the morning to enjoy life -a passion, a purpose and something that we live for. 



NAMIE® is inspired, tested and approved by the Ocean.